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Our Company

Asimtech Ltd was established in Piraeus in 2002, operating in the automation solutions business.

The company specializes in quality services around construction of electronic – electrical and pneumatic automation systems.

As an independent and optimum sized company, with accumulated experience in the marine market of automation systems, focusing on optimum service, we have been able to grow steadily by quickly responding to our customer’s needs.

This remains at the forefront of our company’s mission.

Quality System

Asimtech’s quality system, secures the purchase of goods and services to its customers, according to their needs, which their quality and quantitative standards are foreseen to relative orders or obligations and they are in conformity with the national and international standards.

The company knows that the Quality Process is the primary factor for the satisfaction of its customers’ needs and demands, and the enhance of commitment relations with them, elements which consist the main characteristics for the preservation and expanding of the works of the company.

The quality system of the company, is shown with the application of the Quality Management Process.

The directors of the company, are committed so  to the constant apply and continuous improvement of the quality system as to the adjustment of its goals to a perpetual and effective effort for the improvement of its offered goods and services.

The above Quality System is known and be applied by the total of the company’s personel.

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